How Does Acupuncture Help Break the Cigarette Habit?

Acupuncture has great success in helping people to stop smoking. Acupuncture has encouraged a growing number of cigarette smokers into permanent ex-smokers. Treatments are tailor-made for you and take all of your symptoms into account and aim at balancing the energy within the body to optimize health. The acupuncture treatments focus on jitters, cravings, irritability and restlessness. Many of the symptoms associated with smokers when they quit. It is also hugely beneficial as emotional support and aids in relaxation and detoxification. In one study conducted at the University of Oslo, Norway, acupuncture was found to significantly reduce the desire to smoke up to five years after the initial treatment. Subjects of the study also reported that cigarettes tasted worse than before treatment and that the treatments had effectively reduced their taste for tobacco.

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