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Our Neuro-Release Therapy

Athletes often use us for a speedy recovery after events and training, we can offer high-level maintenance – and “Biomechanical Tune-Up”.

Practitioners from The Hatfield Practice are able to use skilled triage techniques ( Acupuncture, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy)  in order to speed your recovery at the fastest rate. Phone us at The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice and ask to speak to Ian Norman. We are so confident that if we cant help you you won’t be charged a penny. That’s honestly good value for money and will certainly present a no-risk challenge

We are specialists and we will be able to increase your speed of recovery from injury, also we can play a welcome supportive role  with the help we can give leading up to (and during) major championships or local competitions.

Sports Neuro Release Therapy

NEURO-RELEASE THERAPY is a treatment designed by osteopath Ian Norman to help restore ease of movement through the peripheral nervous system. Our neural (nerve ) system is the peripheral expressions of our control centre the brain. This system is a  dynamic continuous living, learning, expression of our unique experiences emotional and physical. Without the nervous system, there is nothing but a collection of cells, all specialised without a unified purpose with nothing to lead them there would be no life, muscle activity, no reflexes, no energy, no fluid movements and blood exchange.

Nerve pathways breathe life and movement into our bodies and are at the centre of all physiological processes. Using a highly trained sense of touch and an excellent working knowledge of anatomy, injury mechanisms and the nervous system we can trace along the nerve pathways and release the nerves as they course between fascia, muscles and through bony channels. This often has quite a profound effect on muscle stretch receptors allowing the muscle the relax further thereby improving overall function. The treatment itself aims to ” mobilise ” your neural system through a series of tension and palpation tests specific to your problem.

 These techniques are especially useful with chronic irritating disc problems, recurrent muscle strains (especially hip flexors, shoulder and hamstring injuries) and recurrent disc-based and non – resolving performance and pain problems.

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