• Cranial Osteopathy

    Osteopathic treatment using the cranial approach is gentle, safe and effective for babies and children. The Osteopath encourages the release of tension and stresses in the body and the head that might have been caused as they pass down the birth canal. This is done with very specific, skilled, light pressure applied where necessary to assist the natural ability of the body to release stresses and tensions.

    What can cranial osteopaths treat?

    Cranial osteopathy is offered to babies to help overcome the powerful process of birth as they pass down the birth canal.

    Birth strains from labour, forceps and ventouse assisted deliveries often cause compression of the skull in a baby or child. This can manifest as problems such as feeding difficulties, sleeping disturbances, irritable babies with colic and reflux, glue ear and unusual head shape.

    Osteopathic treatment can be of great benefit in helping premature babies; both during their early and most vulnerable time, and as they grow later on.

    A baby is never too young to be treated and cranial osteopathy can help children form any age group from birth to adolescence.

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